Gotham Conference Calling


Feel free to contact us below with any questions or called 877-GOTHAM0 (468-4260) Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30PM and we'll answer your call within 15 seconds.


You (the moderator) call into the Gotham conference bridge. Your participants (employees, vendors, etc) call in using their participant ID. They join the call from anywhere in the world using either our toll or toll-free access numbers (we give you both). After your call, hang up. That's it! You have access to all standard and advanced conferencing features (hold, mute, playback participant list, participant number, recording, etc.)

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Your Cards

After signup, we email links to your brand new conference cards (which you can then email to your participants as often as you would like and for as many different conferences as you have). You are sent two links. One for the moderator (you), and another link for your participants (everyone else).

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